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Free Books about Friedrich Froebel
and His Kindergarten Education Method

Google has archived many of the classic texts on the Froebel Kindergarten and made them available for free in PDF form. If you're a researcher or just interested in learning more about the Froebel Kindergarten method, the history of the Kindergaten, or related subjects, then here is your recommended reading list:

The Education of Man[aka Die Menschenerziehung] by Friedrich Fröbel
(edited/translated by William Nicholas Hailmann)

The Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
by Friedrich Fröbel edited/translated by Josephine Jarvis

The Kindergarten Building Gifts by Elizabeth Harrison & Belle Woodson

The Kindergarten Guide: vol. 1 - The Gifts by Maria Kraus-Boelte & John Kraus

The Republic of Childhood vol 1: Froebel's Gifts
by Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora Archibald Smith

The Republic of Childhood vol 2: Froebel's Occupations
by Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora A. Smith

The Paradise of Childhood by Edward Wiebe

Friedrich Froebel: His Life & Times by Dr. Peter Weston

Froebel's Educational Laws for All Teachers by James L. Hughes

Symbolic Education by Susan Blow

Letters to a Mother on the Philosophy of Froebel by Susan Blow

Educational Issues in the Kindergarten by Susan Blow

The Songs & Music of Friedrich Froebel's Mother Play (Mutter und kose Lieder)
by Friedrich Fröbel, translated by Susan Blow

Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel by Friedrich Fröbel,
ed./trans. by Emilie Michaelis & Henry Keatley Moore

Third & Last Volume of Friedrich Froebel's Pedagogics of the Kindergarten by Josephine Jarvis

Daily Program of Gift & Occupation Work by Carolyn S. Bailey, Clara M. Lewis

Froebel's Chief Writings on Education by Friedrich Fröbel
ed./trans. by Samuel Sigmund Fechheimer Fletcher, James Welton

Home Occupations for Boys and Girls by Bertha Johnston & Fanny Chapin

Froebel as a Pioneer in Modern Psychology by Elsie Riach Murray

Papers on Froebel's Kindergarten by Dr. Henry Barnard

Kindergarten and Child Culture Papers by Dr. Henry Barnard

The Psychology of Froebel's Play-Gifts by Denton J. Snider

The Life of Friedrich Fröbel by Denton J. Snider

The Life of the Baroness von Marenholtz-Bulow by Bertha Bülow-Wendhausen

The Evolution of the Nursery-infant School: a History of Infant and Nursery by Nanette Whitbread

The Kindergarten: Reports of the Committee of Nineteen on the Theory & Practice of the Kindergarten by the International Kindergarten Union Committee of Nineteen