Inventing Kindergarten Available Again

Norman Brosterman‘s 2013 Kickstarter was successfully funded and his influential book, Inventing Kindergarten is now back in print. This revised edition is the same great introduction to Froebel’s legacy and influence on modern art and architecture. The  2014 edition is available for at $39.95 at or from Red Hen Toys.


Norman Brosterman & Scott Bultman: Froebel’s Gift 2

A new video on Froebel Gift 2 using audio interviews conducted at the 2010 Froebel USA conference in Grand Rapids, MI by Aurélien Froment. Norman Brosterman and Scott Bultman share insights about the history, philosophy, and techniques of the most misunderstood of Froebel’s Gifts. Special thanks to Tiffeni Goesel, Andrea Goetz, Finella Scholtz, and Pierce Wilson.

Please Help Get Inventing Kindergarten Back in Print

Norman Brosterman’s 1997 book Inventing Kindergarten has been out-of-print since 2006. For limited time you can support the Inventing Kindergarten Kickstarter project and secure a copy (and other rewards) while helping bring back the most beautifully illustrated book ever written on the subject of Froebel’s Kindergarten. Please spread the word to those interested in early childhood, modern art and architecture, design education or history.

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Froebel USA Conference Oct 11-13, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan League

The 2013 Froebel USA conference training event will be held on the central campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Experienced Froeble teachers will guide a hands-on exploration of all 10 Gifts (and several of the Occupations). The theme for the event is applying Froebel’s method to K-12 design education and STEaM initiatives.

This year’s presenters include Allen Samuels, Andrea Goetz, Bradford Hansen-Smith, Cathy Topal, Finella Scholtz, John Reynolds, Linda Keane, Norman Brosterman, Scott Bultman and Tiffeni Goesel, Select items from Brosterman’s Kindergarten collection will be on display at the UM School of Art & Design and other activities are planned for Friday Oct. 11th. For more information please visit

Save $75 when you register before March 1st.