History of Kindergarten film trailer

The upcoming documentary film series on the Froebel Kindergarten is underway. The clip below is a pitch video trailer that ties in the historical with current issues in early childhood education (testing, curriculum) that resulted from abandoning Froebel’s original play-based methodology a century ago.

Froebel Documentary Project Launches on Kickstarter

A new documentary film project recently launched on Kickstarter. Beginning July 20th and ending on August 19st, the project seeks to tell the story of Froebel Kindergarten in America from Froebel’s death in 1852 until modern day. New interviews are being conducted and the length of the film will be determined by the amount of funding received.

Inventing Kindergarten Available Again

Norman Brosterman‘s 2013 Kickstarter was successfully funded and his influential book, Inventing Kindergarten is now back in print. This revised edition is the same great introduction to Froebel’s legacy and influence on modern art and architecture. The  2014 edition is available for at $39.95 at Amazon.com or from Red Hen Toys.


Norman Brosterman & Scott Bultman: Froebel’s Gift 2

A new video on Froebel Gift 2 using audio interviews conducted at the 2010 Froebel USA conference in Grand Rapids, MI by Aurélien Froment. Norman Brosterman and Scott Bultman share insights about the history, philosophy, and techniques of the most misunderstood of Froebel’s Gifts. Special thanks to Tiffeni Goesel, Andrea Goetz, Finella Scholtz, and Pierce Wilson.